The Economusee Network

“In the ÉCONOMUSÉE® Artisans at Work global network there are many different kinds of artisan workshops open to visitors – potters, jewelers, fine woodworkers, taxidermists, cheesemakers, chocolatiers, wine, beer and cider makers, distilleries… and much more!”

ÉCONOMUSÉE® Artisans At Work is an international brand for a network of over 70 certified experiential tourism destinations in Northern Europe and across Canada.

These thriving entrepreneurs open their workshops to the public as ‘living museums’. By sharing their traditional skills and knowledge, as well as innovative contributions to their craft, artisans create new opportunities to showcase their authentic products. For visitors interacting with artisans at work and touring their facilities, it is a rich cultural learning experience.

ÉCONOMUSÉE® Artisans At Work promotes traditional artisan trades as viable businesses that contribute to regional economic development, sustainable communities and cultural tourism.


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