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Wayward Distillation House

Enjoy a True Craft Distillery at Wayward Distillation House - Distillery ÉCONOMUSÉE®

At B.C.’s Wayward’s Distillation House, tourists and local visitors are always welcome to join the Wayward team to learn about the honey distillation process, tour the facilities and taste the selection of fine spirits produced onsite. Balancing tradition with creativity, Wayward is the first distillery in Canada to use honey as the base for all of its spirits including Unruly Vodka and Unruly Gin. Located in the heart of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island; these artisans have an innovative vision for crafting unruly spirits.

At Wayward, distilling started with an innovative vision to craft spirits that bring out the subtle and complex character of B.C. wild clover honey.

*This location is an ÉCONOMUSÉE® in transition. More interpretive content will be added to the exeprience this year.


  • 2931 Moray Avenue
    Courtenay BC V9N 7S7
  • Tel: (250) 871-0424
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  • For more information:
  • Noon to 6:00 PM daily



ECONOMUSEE – Wayward Distillation House:

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