“Our ÉCONOMUSÉE® project team helps us to inspire our visitors and respond more effectively to the marketplace – they support us every step of the way.”

Becoming part of the certified Économusée® network can be a transformative process. The development project cycle begins with a site visit and a proposal submitted by the artisan to the selection committee. Upon approval, a funding package is developed and an expert team is put together. This multidisciplinary team of professionals works closely to support each artisan business, helping them assess, plan and communicate their unique story. It performs:

• Site assessment, proposals and feasibility studies
• Thematic concept development
• Communication and marketing strategies
• Onsite facilities development

In British Columbia, the organization that assists entrepreneurs in making the transition into an ÉCONOMUSÉE® certified site is the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique (SDE).

Every project and budget is different – respecting the objectives, means and financial goals of individual businesses. Artisans invest in capital improvements, and contribute to material and marketing costs. SDE contributes their expertise and shares the financial commitment for expenses related to design, research, graphic design and production.

Exploring the Économusée model in BC | Part 2
WHY become an Économusée?

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