“We make a unique artisanal product that distinguishes us from the competition – and we love to share the whole process with our visitors!”

Each ÉCONOMUSÉE® Artisans at Work site is an interactive “Living Museum” where visitors are invited to watch artisans at work, learn about traditional trades and buy authentic handcrafted product.

To ensure a quality experience for visitors we transform each site in the international network to integrate our six core components.

• A reception area to introduce visitors to the concept
• A workshop where visitors interact with artisans at work
• An interpretation area about traditional know-how
• An interpretation area about contemporary know-how
• A documentation and archives area
• A boutique selling quality products

A project management team works with each artisan by helping them tell their unique stories, promote their products and inspire their visitors.

Exploring the Économusée model in BC | Part 1
What’s an Économusée?

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